Step 1: Personal Information – Talking about yourself

As a first step, you should start small: Talk about yourself!

If you want to introduce yourself, or  ask someone else about themselves, you should be able to pose and answer the following questions:

  • What’s your name?
  • Who are you?
  • How old are you?
  • Where are you from?

– German version –

  • Wie heißt Du? / Wie heißen Sie?
  • Wer bist Du?/ Wer sind Sie?
  • Wie alt bist Du? / Wie alt sind Sie?
  • Woher kommst Du? /Woher kommen Sie?


In English you’d answer like this:

  • What’s your name? ->  My name is…
  • Who are you? ->  I’m…
  • How old are you? ->  I’m …. years old.
  • Where are you from? ->  I’m from…


And in German you’d pose or answer these questions like this (of course while you’re differentiating between “Du” and “Sie”) :


  • Wie heißt Du? -> Ich heiße… / Mein Name ist …
    (insert your name)
  • Wer bist Du? -> Ich bin…
    (insert your name or any other description of yourself)

  • Wie alt bist Du? – >Ich bin … Jahre alt.
    (insert your age in years)

  • Wo kommst Du her? / Woher kommst Du? -> Ich komme aus… 
    (insert your town or region or country of origin, depending on your preferences and the specific circumstances of your personal situation)


(Works almost exactly like “Du-Form”. The main difference is that you’re using the polite form of address when you’re using “Sie” instead of “Du”.)

  • Wie heißen Sie? – >Ich heiße… / Mein Name ist…
  • Wer sind Sie? -> Ich bin…
  • Wie alt sind Sie? – > Ich bin… Jahre alt.
  • Wo kommen Sie her? / Woher kommen Sie? -> Ich bin aus…



To talk about basic personal information (your name, age and point of origin), you need to know question words and you should know how to conjugate the verbs “heißen”, “sein”, “kommen” and “herkommen”.

To do this correctly, you have to know more about the personal pronouns (ich, du, er, sie, wir, ihr, sie).


Relevant words:

English: Deutsch:
question word Fragewort
How?  Wie?
What?  Was?
Who?  Wer?
Where? Wo?
verbs Verben
to be called heißen
to come from herkommen
to come kommen
to be sein
to be old alt sein
to be 20 years old 20 Jahre alt sein
nouns Nomen
years Jahre
(the German language)
(die deutsche Sprache)

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