Spelling in German – Buchstabieren auf Deutsch

It’s often necessary to spell something. Possibly, because you don’t know how a word should be written, or someone asks you how they should write a word.

To do this efficiently in German, you need to know how the  letters are pronounced separately.

Alphabet: Pronunciation:
A  aa
B  be
C  tse
D  de
E  ee
F  ef
G  ge
H  ha
I  ii
J  iot
K  ka
L  el
M  em
N  en
O  oo
P  pe
Q  ku
R  er
S  es
T  te
U  uu
V  fau/fao
W  we
X  iks
Y  üpselon
Z  tset

Exercise: Try pronouncing the letters. Please repeat this exercise as often as necessary.

Why don’t you try spelling magnolia? A magnolia (en) = eine Magnolie (dt)

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