German grammar on the internet

Much has already been written about German grammar, also on the internet. This is quite an advantage! We’re able to use and choose our preferred websites out of a multitude of different sites. Each website has it’s own approach and style.

These are some of the websites currently offering free information about German grammar:

Online Community dedicated to learning languages. Basic membership is free of charge.


BBC-GCSE Bitesize – German Grammar

Explanations and exercises.

German Dictionaries and Grammar.



Online German Course, for free  (explanations, exercises, interactive course).

German Grammar Lessons and exercises.


Germanlanguage. All about the German language.

A glossary designed for learners of German.

Exercises, tables and explanations, written by native speakers.

A free online manual with an emphasis on German German grammar, meant for English speakers. It’s also called “Deutschkurs. english-deutsch”.


Interactive Grammar Tutor

Grammar Resources and Explanations.

Explanations and a free video course.

Free lessons via email.

German Grammar explained by a native speaker; German grammar overview.



German Grammar explanations and exercises.


Review of German Grammar

A Review of German Grammar by Bruce Duncan.


Rocket Languages

Free German Grammar lessons.


Toms Deutschseite

German Grammar explained by a native speaker.

German Grammar overview. German grammar

An article written about “German grammar”, published on


(please note: this list was written in 02.2016. Someday, there’ll have to be an update.)