German vocabulary on the internet

I believe learning German vocabulary can be a very rewarding experience. A lot of people seem to share this opinion. These links lead you to free websites on the subject of “German vocabulary”:


BBC – GCSE Bitesize – German

Free learning activities designed to help you listen to, read, speak and write German.

Online Community dedicated to learning Languages. The basic account is free of charge.



German Vocabulary Activities (organized by theme)

Free account, lessons, videos and audio.

Vocabulary in German, with audio.


Goethe Institut

Offers a free vocabulary trainer app.


How to Learn German

Very interesting information and tips on how to go about learning German.

Basic German Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar.



1000 Most Common German words.

A sound integrated guide to German vocabulary.


Learn A

Learn German with audio from native speakers, while using the free German flash cards and the Lingo Dingo review game.

Learn German vocabulary and phrases for free.

Free vocabulary training exercises in English, German, French and Spanish.



(Please note: this list was written in 02.2016 . It is obviously not complete and may have to be changed due to new information or the discovery of additional relevant websites. This means: at some point in time, there’ll have to be an update.)